Summer Camp Counselor Jobs - A Summer To Remember!

If you love being around kids, have a fun and outgoing personality and want to have a great time this summer, then consider working as a camp counselor on a summer camp.

Working in this type of role is a lot of fun and there are opportunities to work in this position in your home country and in other parts of the world.

The most well known place for summer camps is the United States. With over 12,000 camps and millions of kids attending them each year the American summer camp is as much of a tradition as apple pie and baseball.

Summer camp counselor jobs in the USA attract individuals from all corners of the world and offer individuals the chance to have an unforgettable summer which will provide them with memories that last a lifetime.

Although the US is recognized as the most popular place for summer camps, many other countries offer similar experience, whether it be England, Spain, Australia or China. Wherever you find kids that are out of school, you will find organizations offering fun opportunities for them to participate in, so that is most of the world! In europe there are many opportunities with summer camp organizations in England, France and Spain.

What To Expect Working At A Summer Camp

Yes, working at camp is a lot of fun! You get to participate in activities like kayaking, horseback riding, water skiing and all kinds other fun activities but it is also hard work and involves long hours were you need to be full of energy and constantly on hand to help make sure that all of the kids at the camp are having a fun time!

You will typically get up around 7:00am and will get all the kids up, help them get ready and then have breakfast with them. Once this is complete the kids will take part in various activities, which will vary from one camp to another. You will have certain responsibilities which might include supervising a set group of kids, supervising various kids but one particular activity, planning activities or whatever is required. You will then have lunch around midday and then go back out for whatever afternoon activities are planned. After dinner you will be responsible for organizing different evening activities such as camp fires, performances and movie nights.

It will be lights out around 9:00 or 10:00 and most counselors, especially general counselors, will sleep in the bunks with the kids to ensure everyone sleeps and that the kids are not up partying all night! Then the next day, more of the same!

Most camps will give their staff 1 or maybe 2 days (if you are lucky!) off per week! You may even get to have a night off during the week. It all depends on the camp you are working for, the number of camp counselors they have working and how they manager their staff.

Roles and responsibilities vary slightly depending on the camp you work for and what the are offering, Summer camp counselor job descriptions will be highlighted by camp directors when they interview staff members to ensure you understand exactly what your role is.

Landing a Summer Camp Counselor Job

1 - Apply Early! - Every summer there are those individuals who get to the summer and are disappointed that they didn't get a position at a summer camp but then you find out they didn't apply until April or May! Most summer camps, especially the camps in America will start recruiting international staff right after one summer finishes. Therefore it is a good idea to start applying in September or October of the year before you wish to work at camp!

2 - Stand Out From The Crowd - When you are getting your application together, go the extra mile! Don't just send off a standard application or fill out the online form, put together a short video of yourself. Talk about your interests, skills, why you want to work at camp and other things that you think might be relevant. Camp directors like to see these videos and it shows that you are serious about working at camp.

3 - Be Responsive - if you are contacted by a camp director or staffing manager, get back to them quickly. There is nothing worse than waiting 3 or 4 days then responding, unless you have a really good excuse!

4 - Get Some Experience - Have little experience working with kids? No problem, do some volunteering at a local school or youth group, go out and get a life guarding or sports coaching award. If you are applying in September for the following summer this gives you plenty of time to gain summer experience in relevant fields. You can always put this on your application and let the employer know you will be doing this before the summer.

5 - Stick With It - Often applicants will get disheartened if they don't hear back right away. There thousands of camps all over the world looking for summer camp staff so stick with it. Some camps might be focusing on other parts of their business and recruiting later in the year so be patient and continue contacting camps!

Summer Camp Counselor Applicants - Useful Information

Want to find out when summer camps are hiring? Check out this link to discover all you need to know about the summer camp hiring process.

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Under 18? Check out all the facts on summer camp jobs for teens!

Applying to be an international applicant working in the US? We recommend working with Stars N Stripes Summer Camp Staffing.

For more information on specific regions visit the links below:-

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