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Canada is a country with a rich tradition in winter sports and a thriving ski and snowboard industry. If you are considering working a winter season then looking to apply for one of the many ski jobs Canada has to offer is a great option! Skiing and Snowboard in this country is an extremely popular hobby and each year resorts around the country attract thousands of visitors from different parts of this nation and from other countries all over the world.

In Canada you will find most of the ski jobs are offered in the areas of British Columbia and Alberta on the western side of the country and in Ontario and Quebec on the eastern side of the nation. In these regions you will find some of the best skiing and snowboarding anywhere. A number of these resorts offer not only regular skiing and boarding but also more extreme skiing such as heli skiing and cat skiing.

If you are interested in applying for a ski job in Canada be aware that these resorts experience extreme cold temperatures so be prepared for a very cold winter. The reward however is that you will find some of the best snow conditions and terrain which will excite everyone from the beginner to the most advanced skier.

Jobs in Canada can be tough to come by as the resorts here are extremely popular and attract many applicants, not just from Canada but also from many other countries around the world. If you are serious about applying to work a ski season in Canada we would suggest applying at least 8 months to a year in advance to get the process started. We would also recommend following up with resorts and employers to ensure you stay on their radar and they recognize your name amongst the many job applications that they receive.

Getting There

Canada is a country that has most of its activity on the east and west side of the nation. This is also where you will find the major airports. If you are looking to work on the western side of the country then you would most likely want to fly into Calgary or Vancouver. If the ski season job you have applied for is on the eastern side then the airports of Toronto, Montreal or Quebec would be the best option.

Off the slopes

When you are not working at the ski resort there are all kinds of things to explore in Canada and many season workers like to take time to get away from the resort and visit some of the different cities this country has. Vancouver and Toronto in particular are great cities, they are both very modern, forward thinking cities with a lot of fun activities, great museums, architecture and fun bars and restaurants.


Some important logistics to consider before you travel to Canada for a ski season job is that of employment visas. Canada has strict visa requirements and it is important o research this before applying for any jobs in the country. Many resorts and employers will help you with this process and if it is for a more skilled positions that requires a certain level of qualifications then the job visa application process is much easier. There are also many organizations that help with completing this process for a small fee.

Popular Ski Resorts

As we mentioned early skiing is a huge sport in Canada and with the winter weather conditions and rugged landscape it is a great country for developing ski resorts, there are in fact not far off 200 different ski resorts in the country so deciding on the best ski job Canada has to offer can be a daunting task. Here are some of the most popular resorts for travelers and seasonal staff.

Whistler - Anyone who knows anything about winter sports has heard of Whistler, located less than 2 hours from Vancouver in the British Columbia province Whistler is Canada's top ski destination and attracts domestic and international travelers each year. The resort has over 8000 acres of skiable terrain and gets more than 400 feet of snow each ski season.

Banff / Lake Louise - with one of the longest ski seasons in North America the Banff / Lake Louise area is ideal if you want to make that ski season last as long as you can. The resort itself is actually spread over 3 different resorts and also boasts over 8000 acres of skiable terrain.

Kicking Horse - This may not be the biggest resort in Canada (less than 3000 acres), but with the biggest vertical drop in the Rockies and some extreme off piste skiing Kicking Horse is a great location for those advanced and expert level skiers and boarders.

There are many other great resorts offering ski season jobs in Canada but these are three of the most popular. Good luck with your job search and be sure to check out our job board on a regular basis for the latest ski jobs Canada has to offer.

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