Most Popular Summer Camp Counselor Jobs in America

So you are thinking of applying to work as a summer camp counselor and you are wondering what are the most popular jobs?

There are many different types of jobs available at summer camps in America, with some camps hiring 400 or 500 counselors, which all have different skills and roles at camp.

Below are some of the most popular positions you can apply for if you are interested in working at a camp.

General Camp Counselor - The most common and well known position for anyone looking at summer camp jobs in America is that of the general camp counselor. This is a very hands on positions which requires and individual who has endless amounts of energy, loves working with kids and who is a great role model.

In this role you will be responsible for a group of campers from the moment they arrive until when they leave, normally the following weekend. You will eat with the kids, take part in activities with the kids and even sleep in the same bunks as the kids.

General camp counselor is a very important job and good camp counselors can make the difference between a child having a positive experience at camp and a not so positive experience. It certainly is one of the hardest working positions at camp but also considered one of the most rewarding.

To work as a general summer camp counselor in America you don't necessarily need to have any special skills, just a desire to work with kids, a fun outgoing personality and someone who can be a great role model.

Lifeguard or Swimming Instructor - If you like being around the water and have the required qualification then working as a lifeguard or swim instructor is another great job which is very popular at camp. Each year, camps will hire numerous individuals who will make up their waterfront team and ensure all camps not only have a fun time at camp but are also safe while participating in water based activities.

This is a very popular role and competition to land a job as either a summer camp lifeguard or swimming instructor can be tough. It is recommended that you apply early if this is a position you really want to do at camp.

Camps generally hire individuals who already hold a recognized lifeguarding or swim instructor qualification although some camps will take suitable candidates who don't have these qualifications and train them, if they are unable to secure the services of qualified staff.

Sports Coaches - Camp activities are definitely varied and diverse, so there is a demand for individuals with a range of skills - especially sports coaching! There are literally dozens of different sports offered at camps so regardless of your sports background you are most likely going to be able to find a camp looking for individuals who can teach the sport you are experienced in. The most popular sports include soccer, basketball, gymnastics, tennis, golf and even equestrian events.

Camps will be looking for individuals who have a good amount of experience in their chosen sport and ideally individuals who hold coaching certificates in these sports. You must also be great working with kids and be able to work well with other individuals who make up the coaching team.

Ropes Course & Climbing Instructors - Many kids arriving at camp look forward to the more adventurous activities such as ropes courses, climbing and zip lining Therefore demand for qualified instructors in these activities is high and it is certainly one of the most popular positions among potential camp counselors applying for camp jobs in America.

Although these activities are certainly a lot of fun, they also have potential safety risks so it is important that camps hire responsible individuals who have a lot of experience not only teaching these activities but fully understand all of the safety procedures.

If you have a lot of experience in these activities but don't hold any recognized teaching or safety qualifications, don't get disheartened as there are plenty of camps that will offer jobs to individuals like this and then put them through a training program before any campers arrive.

Circus / Trapeze - Do you love flying around high off the ground and performing all kinds of fun activities? Well believe it or not, one of the most popular activities at camp is that of circus / trapeze. Campers will learn all of the basic skills of the trapeze and will enjoy all kinds of circus activities. If you are experienced in these areas then there are all kinds of great opportunities to spend the entire summer at camp teaching these skills. Obviously these types of skills are not known by everyone, so if you do have these skills and experience teaching them then you should not have a problem finding a great summer camp job in America.

These are just some of the most popular jobs available at camp. To get more information on other jobs available at camp please check out our summer camp counselor job description section.

Also if you are considering applying for a camp counselor jobs we would recommend applying with Stars Stripes Summer Camp Staffing.

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