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Summer Camp Jobs in OhioOhio may not be the first state that springs to mind when you are considering summer camp jobs in the US but this mid-western state which is located just to the south of the Great lakes is a warm, friendly, welcoming state where the pace of live is a little slower than in other parts of the country and people still take time to say hello to their neighbor and chat to strangers on the street.

Summer can be warm and humid in Ohio but the various lakes that are sprinkled throughout the state are not only a great option to cool off in but also are home to many of the various camps which operate in the state during the summer months.

Summer camp jobs in Ohio give you a chance to get off the beaten path and away from the major tourist states in the US so that you can discover the real United States. The camp experience in Ohio is something that has been passed down from generation to generation and kids will look forward to their summer camp adventures all year.

For those of you that are considering looking into the various summer camp counselor jobs Ohio has to offer it is important to remember that while the state may be a little bit more relaxed than other states, the pace of life at summer camp certainly isn't. As a camp counselor you will be required to have endless amounts of energy to keep up with camp participants who want to be active all day long. You must be physically fit and be prepared participate in all the various activities that campers will take part in during their time at camp. This can include climbing, ropes courses, swimming and horseback riding.

Camp Jobs in Ohio

With a variety of different camp running during the summer months there certainly is no shortage of opportunities to work as a summer camp counselor in Ohio. Here are just some of the options that exist:-

Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp - Offering a range of fun activities for participants aged between 6-18 Pleasant Hill is a popular choice year after year for camp participants that are looking for a fun and enjoyable camp experience. Camp counselors jobs at Pleasant Hill give you the opportunity o work with some fantastic kids who will be attending camp programs throughout the summer. We offer a competitive pay package and care a great deal not only about each camp participant but also about each staff member who works at the camp. Many counselors will return to work additional summer after the great experience they had working at Pleasant Hill.

Otyokwah Summer Camp - Join the Otyokwah team of counselors and spend the summer months enriching lives and having a blast at the same time! Camp counselor jobs are available to reliable energetic individuals who are at least 18 years old. Otyokwah is a religious camp which brings together groups of children and adults who are looking for a retreat away from regular life and an opportunity to connect and bond with each other.

Camp Kern YMCA Camp - Each summer Camp Kern recruits energetic, passionate and dynamic individuals who love working with kids to fill the role of camp counselor and work with children who are attending summer camps. Camp Kern is a great place to work with the emphasis being on fun and enjoying various activities.

Fun things to do in Ohio

So if you are considering a summer camp job in Ohio and are not from this state you are probably wondering what is there to do when you have time off from camp. Well although Ohio may not have the obvious fun things to do such as in states like Florida, California or New York, there certainly is no shortage of fun things to do.

Warren county is one great option. This area has a variety of theme parks and water parks located in the area. While in this area you can also visit Ozone Zip lining Adventures which is the argest zip lining facility in the Midwest. There are also numerous bike trails to enjoy in this area and the discount outlet malls where you can go and spend that hard earned camp counselor wage you have earned.

If you are a fan of city life then Cleveland to the north and Cincinnati to the south are both large urban areas with all kinds of activities going on. You can spend time exploring both cities and if you are a sports fan you will Basketball, football and baseball teams playing in the State.

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